Count Louis Hamon (known as "Cheiro") was reknown for his ability to predict the future for clients using numerology. Count Hamon was born William Warner in Ireland in 1866.

Cheiro's clients included King Edward VII and Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, and President Grover Cleveland. He allegedly made many accurate predictions, including that the Jews would be returning to Palestine. Cheiro died in 1936.

The Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras believed that the number seven, because it is the result of adding three and four, represents the unity of the human and the divine. He also believed that the number ten is a divine number. Pythagoras believed that all things are based upon mathematics, music and astronomy--and that music, of course, is based upon mathematics.

Changing one's name is alleged to alter the life path and destiny of an individual, but the numbers of your birth name or birth date are alleged, by some numerologists, to determine one's essential character and primary destiny.

The Kabbalistic system, Gematria, uses the numerical values of letters and numbers. It is alleged that the early Christians chose the symbol of the dove to represent Christ because the Greek letters alpha and omega (the beginning and the end) and the Greek word for dove peristera add up to the same number.

Alpha-Numerological Values
A=1 I=1 Q=1 Y=1
B=2 J=1 R=2 Z=7
C=3 K=2 S=3  
D=4 L=3 T=4  
E=5 M=4 U=6  
F=8 N=5 V=6  
G=3 0=7 W=6  
H=5 P=8 X=5  

To find out what your numerological personality traits are, add the value of the letters in your name or add up the value of your date of birth:

(example: 1-10-1970 = 19 = (1+9) = 10 = (1+0) =   1)

J O H N    S M I T H

1 + 7 + 5 + 5 + 3 + 4 +1 + 4 + 5
18 + 17
= 35
3 + 5 = 8

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Numerological Personality Traits
Number 1 Ambitious; independent
Number 2 Emotional; sensitive
Number 3 Optimistic; warm
Number 4 Hard-working; disciplined
Number 5 Charming; restless
Number 6 Kind; artistic
Number 7 Idealistic; psychic
Number 8 Materialistic; hard-working
Number 9 Analytic; competitive

Famous People's Birth/Name Numbers
Number 1 Marilyn Monroe, King Henry VIII
Number 2 Mahatma Gandhi, John F. Kennedy
Number 3 Grace Kelly, Christopher Columbus
Number 4 Percy Bysshe Shelley, Alfred Hitchcock
Number 5 Albert Einstein, Samuel Pepys
Number 6 Sigmund Freud, Dame Agatha Christie
Number 7 Madame Marie Tussaud, Guigleilmo Marconi
Number 8 Elvis Presley, Mother Teresa
Number 9 John Lennon, Samuel Morse