One Method of Telling Card Fortunes With Playing Cards
Shuffle the deck of cards and make a wish. Focus on your wish as you shuffle the cards. Lay the cards out on the table by taking three cards at a time and choosing the one card that doesn't match the other cards in suit (example: Ace of Hearts, King of Clubs, 9 of Clubs--you take the Ace of Hearts card out and lay it on the table) and continue through the deck three times.

If you have three cards and none match each other in suit, you don't choose any of those cards. If all three cards are in the same suit, lay all three cards down. (If a card seems to "flip" itself out of the deck as you are going through the cards, place that card in your layout).

When you have gone through the deck three times, you will have a card layout (line them up in three separate rows in exactly the order in which you chose them from each hand of three cards) and read the fortune from those cards. (Each row layout should be spread out in a fan-like shape as below right--but you'll need three rows altogether).


Ace of Hearts: love; home; a love letter
Ace of Spades (upright): trouble; legal trouble; sorrows; a courtroom
Ace of Spades (inverted): death or significant change (not necessarily death)
Ace of Clubs: good luck (wealth), business; good news
Ace of Diamonds: a letter

King of Hearts: a fair-haired man; your lover; a man you like/love
King of Spades: an evil man; an enemy; or simply, a judge
King of Clubs: an honest man; or, simply, a dark-haired man
King of Diamonds: an untrustworthy man, or, simply, a fair-haired man

Queen of Hearts: a loving and kindly woman; a fair-haired woman
Queen of Spades: a widow; (or) a malicious, deceitful woman
Queen of Clubs: a dark-haired woman; a friendly woman
Queen of Diamonds: a female gossip; or, simply, a very fair-haired woman

Jack of Hearts: a charming rogue; a bachelor; a boy
Jack of Spades: a trouble-making man, usually young
Jack of Clubs: a young, intelligent man
Jack of Diamonds: a false friend, or, simply, a fair-haired young man

10 of Hearts: success
10 of Clubs: good luck; material success
10 of Spades: trouble; sorrow; disappointment; legal trouble
10 of Diamonds: moving; changing residences

9 of Hearts: your wish fulfilled
9 of Hearts: inverted-your wish fulfilled, but not exactly as you'd have it
9 of Spades: misfortune, legal problems; news of a death or sorrow; possibly jail term
9 of Clubs: unexpected money; an inheritance
9 of Diamonds: a business venture; (or) a disappointment

8 of Hearts: the affection of a fair-haired person
8 of Spades: sorrow; argument; trouble; illness
8 of Clubs: the affection of a dark-haired person
8 of Diamonds: love; romance

7 of Clubs: friendship; someone who is fond of you

According to some fortune tellers, the lower numbered cards can represent times, length of waiting periods (example: 9 of Hearts followed by a 2 of any suit can mean your wish will be fulfilled in 2 days or 2 weeks, in 2 months, or on the 2nd of the following month.

Some interpret the three rows as your past, your present and your future.

The Ace of Spades inverted does not necessarily mean a death, but signifies change.

The Nine of Hearts is called "the Wish card" and if it is upright, your wish will be fulfilled.

The 7 of Diamonds may connote an invitation or offer made to you.

Two Queens together may indicate gossip.

A couple of a matched suit, such as a King of Hearts and a Queen of Hearts or a King of Clubs and a Queen of Clubs often represents a happily married couple.

Sometimes the 7 of Clubs represents children; a number card next to it indicates how many children.

For some fortune tellers, two Aces together can connote a forthcoming marriage.

Every fortune teller has their own method, and interpretations of the various cards vary according to how that seer has learned to interpret them.