Brew a cup of tea (loose leaf). Swirl the leaves around in the cup. Drink the tea. Turn the cup around three times. Then turn the tea cup upside down on top of the saucer so that all the tea liquid is drained out. Pick up the cup and look at the designs made by the tea leaves.

Interpretations Of Tea Leaves

Airplane:      a journey; a promotion at work; business advancement

Angel:     good news will be coming

Arrow:     bad news; usually an unpleasant symbol

Baby:     something new occuring, or, literally, a birth

Bat:     betrayal by a false friend; deception

Cake:     a celebration; a wedding cake

Car:   an unexpected journey; more business or family responsibilities

Carriage (baby):  a new baby; more responsibilities added

Cat:     beware; an omen, a warning about something

Circle:     success; completion

Clouds:     troubles ahead, but not lasting woes

Dagger:     a warning; take care

Dog:    a loyal person; affection

Egg:     happy changes

Elephant:  good fortune; laughter

Fork:     many small troubles

Girl:     portends happiness

Hat:     a new job or other new adventure

Heart:     happiness; love; romance

Initial(s):  represents someone who has those initials

Key:     important decisions to be made

Knife:     beware of hidden enemies; a betrayal

Lightning:  rapid changes; emotional upheavals

Lines:     indicate journeys

Man:     a visitor

Pyramid:     a secret will be revealed to you

Rainbow:     reason to be hopeful

Raindrops:    tears; woes

Raven:    bad news (or a crow, also portends this)

Ring:     a happy symbol; fidelity

Rose:     a wedding; true love

Ship:    a message from far away; return of an former lover

Shoe:     good news via a messenger

Skull:     danger; beware

Star:     good luck

Turtle:     much hard work ahead

Umbrella:     (open) protection from troubles

Wishbone:     an inheritance; a windfall

Woman:     a messenger with good news

(But use loose leaf tea)

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