Near-Death Experiences


A Near Death Experience

During a major surgery, C. clinically died. She said she could hear the surgeon's frantic voice as her vital signs diminished. She said she seemed to float above her body on the table and could see the surgical staff scurrying about trying to revive her.

C. knew that she was no longer in her body and that she was floating near the ceiling and that the people below her were trying to revive her physical body, but she felt a curious detachment from her body and watched the medical team working on her body without feeling deep terror or grief.

C. said that after some length of time she thought of her husband who was waiting in the lobby for news and she felt sorry for him. Suddenly, she found the essence of herself in the corridor hovering above her husband. She said she hovered there watching and listening as one of the staff told her husband that there had been some problem with the surgery. C. said she saw her husband run down the corridor and out of the hospital.

The doctors were able to revive her. She returned to her physical body (and to pain). Later, she told her husband about the conversation he had with the medical staff member and that she saw him run out of the hospital. He admitted that it was true.

C. is convinced that the spirit is the essence of who we are and that the body is a shell that we leave at death. The experience, she said, has caused her to be more devoted to her religious faith.

A Spontaneous Out-of-Body Experience

V. said she had an out-of-body experience when she was a small child. She said that she had been ill (with a virus) at the time of the OOBE. (Incidentally, for a period around the time of this illness and OOBE, her pediatrician thought she might have acute lymphoblastic leukemia, but fortunately, the abnormal blood cell counts and cell morphology returned to normal and remained normal counts and morphology). She said suddenly she found herself floating up near the ceiling.

V. saw her body beneath her, but, initially, did not recognize it as her own body. V. said once she comprehended that the body below her was her own, she felt "sorry" for her body because it was sick. She said that she, or whatever was her self floating above her physical body, was not ill like the physical body was, but seemed well. She said she thought that her non-physical body was made up of some type of light energy, but she could not explain that. She said she only knew that her non-physical body is composed of light and that she felt that her non-physical body had arms and legs, at least of some sort. She said she was so young perhaps that is why she was not extremely frightened to find her essence outside of the physical body.

She said it was interesting to observe her body from an outsider's perspective, and was somewhat surprised because she "had not realized exactly what she looked like when viewed in profile" (she was a young child when this out-of body experience occurred). She felt "sorry" for the body, but said she did not feel a strong attachment to it.

V. said she does not know, of course, beyond a doubt that the sensations of being out-of-body were not caused by illness and some chemical/electrical reaction (such as hypoxia or the release of endorphins in response to the illness), but she does believe that she truly left her physical body, that when she was hovering near the ceiling she was her "real essence" and that this essence exists separately from the physical body.

V. said that she spontaneously returned to the body, as rapidly as she had left it. She said she did not recall how her essence or soul re-entered her physical body.


There are other people who claim to have had out-of-body experiences spontaneously, neither being ill nor traumatized, when they have occurred.

It seems that it is not uncommon for people who have near-death experiences to state that they became more psychic following their near-death experience.


Some people say the physical body is attached to the astral body by a "silver cord".

Susan Blackmore Susan Blackmore, Ph.D. of the University of Bristol in the U.K. has suggested that near-death experiences are brain-based experiences.

Some researchers have postulated that some of the sensations people who have experienced NDEs have reported may be due to cerebral hypoxia (deprivation of oxygen to the brain).


Some researchers have suggested that the "tunnel" some people who have had near-death experiences describe is a result of the brain shutting down as death approaches. Others have theorized that when the body is in a critical state, near death, the brain releases endorphins that may cause hallucinations.



What about the souls of clones? Would the soul be the same spirit as the individual it would be cloned from?

People Who Have Written About Their NDES

Dannion Brinkley
Betty Eadie
Doctor George Ritchie

People Who Studied Out-of-Body-Experiences

Robert Monroe (The Monroe Institute)
Sylvan Muldoon

Some Researchers, Research Organizations and Authors

Raymond Moody, M.D.
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, M.D.
Melvin Morse, M.D.
Michael Sabom, M.D.
IANDS (the International Association for Near Death Studies)
Susan Blackmore, Ph.D.
Kenneth Ring, Ph.D.
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What do you believe?

Have you ever had an out-of-body experience?

Have you ever had an near-death experience?

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