Installing the applet


Table Of Contents

  1. Before you begin
  2. Simple Use
  3. Embedding into a webpage
  4. Modifying the game
  5. Frequently Asked Questions

Before You begin

  1. If you didn't read the readme file do it now.
  2. Make sure you extracted all files out of the original ZIP file to a separate directory.
  3. Run the demo.htm file
  4. Check if everything works fine, if it doesn't now it won't later.
  5. Decide what you would like to do, click for more information.
  6. Remember to check the FAQ if anything goes wrong later.

Simple Page

To simply use the applet this is the easiest way:

  • Choose a directory on your website where the applet should be.
  • Upload all the files from this applet directory to there. If you can choose between Binary and ASCII mode choose Binary or AUTO. Also upload the "pictures" directory.
  • create a link from one of your webpages to "demo.htm".
  • Finished!

Embedding into an existing page

A little bit more work but worth it.

  • Open the web page you will insert it to into an HTML editor. If you use a visual editor (WYSIWYG) a text editor is recommended (like notepad.exe).
  • Choose the place where it should be (somwehere between the <body> tags). Then Copy/Paste this code:
    <APPLET CODE=BioCeleb.class archive="BioCeleb.jar" codebase="." WIDTH=500 HEIGHT=350>
    <param name="bgcolor" value="000,000,128">
    <param name="fgcolor" value="0,255,255">
    <param name="shadowcolor" value="100,100,100">
    <param name="str1" value="Your First Name (optional):">
    <param name="str2" value="Your Birthdate:">
    <param name="str3" value="Compare with Male or Female?">
    <param name="str4" value="Choose Celebrity:">
    <param name="str5" value="Results for">
    <param name="str6" value="Best matches for">
    <param name="str7" value="Please give a valid date">
    <param name="str8" value="Year">
    <param name="str9" value="Month">
    <param name="str10" value="Day">
    <param name="str11" value="Male">
    <param name="str12" value="Female">
    <param name="str13" value="Best 6">
    <param name="str14" value="is the one for you!">
    <param name="str15" value="Please Wait">
    <param name="str16" value="Emotional">
    <param name="str17" value="Intellectual">
    <param name="str18" value="Physical">
    <param name="str19" value="Physical">
    <param name="str20" value="Good luck...">
    <param name="str21" value="Not so good, many conflicts ahead">
    <param name="str22" value="Could work out">
    <param name="str23" value="With some effort">
    <param name="str24" value="Good match!">
    <param name="str25" value="Perfect couple, can't go wrong!">
    <param name="str26" value="You must have cheated!!!">
    Java is not enabled!<br>
    Please visit <a href="" target="_blank">RealApplets</a> for Help.
  • Save it and now upload that page.
  • Then also upload all files from the applet directory to that same directory as your web page. Choose Auto or BINARY if possible.
This code will show a link to RealApplets when a user does not have Java Enabled. You are not obliged to keep that link, however it is handy since we have a large section to help those people.

Using and modifying the applet

You can change following things:

To install this version do as in "Embedding into a page" but copy/paste your own version of parameters. And if you added celebrities make sure to upload their pictures too.

Frequently Asked Questions

The area where the applet should be stays gray
This is because the applet encountered an error while trying to load.
Check these things:

Some images do not display
Check the case of the filenames (as above). Make sure pictures are in the subdirectory pictures.

I added/removed celebrities and it doesn't work.
Check if you changed the number in the data file to the right amount of celebrities.
Make sure you used the same format as described above.

Written by Bavo Bruylandt.