Wolfgang Messing's Encounters With Stalin, Freud, Einstein

hitlerparis.jpg Polish-born Wolf Messing (born in 1899) was considered to possess genuine paranormal talent by some who observed his psychic performances, including, allegedly, the infamous Josef Stalin.

Messing apparently told that when he was an eleven year old boy he boarded a train for Berlin without a ticket and that when the ticket collector asked him for his train ticket he handed him a blank piece of paper and willed the collector to believe that the blank piece of paper was a legitimate ticket. The collector reportedly punched the paper as if it were a ticket. Wolf Messing is supposed to have claimed that he accomplished some of his feats by mentally projecting images or impressions to others that they accepted psychically as true.

Messing reportedly predicted Hitler's demise if Hitler chose to invade "to the East" and for that prediction, as well as because Messing was Jewish, it is alleged that Hitler wanted Messing dead. (Photo: Hitler in Paris)

Sigmund FreudAlbert Einstein

In an experiment involving "father of psychoanalysis" Sigmund Freud and the reknown physicist Albert Einstein (born on 3-14-1879; died in 1955), it is purported that Freud assisted Messing in going into a trance and then mentally, but not verbally, made a suggestion to Messing. Messing got up, took a pair of scissors, and proceeded to cut three whiskers from Einstein's moustache. That was allegedly exactly what Freud had wanted Messing to do. (Freud, photo left; Einstein, photo right)

Messing was also tested by Josef Stalin (1879-1953). He was sent into a bank to mentally convince the bank teller to give him 100,000 ruples. Messing presented the teller with only a blank piece of paper. The teller gave Messing the money. Messing allegedly believed that he had the power to influence other people's minds. Messing was also utilized by the police as a "psychic sleuth" and reportedly helped solved cases.

Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin at Yalta

The Nazis and Occultism

It has been said that Hitler and some of his SS officers believed in mystical forces and tried to use the occult to achieve their ends. Apparently, the Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, recruited an young astrologer named Karl Ernst Kraft to interpret Nostradamus's predictions.

Kraft had allegedly predicted that Hitler would be in danger on a specific date--the day he was speaking at the Beer Hall Pusch rally. A bomb exploded at the hall and Hitler narrowly missed being caught in the explosion. The Nazis allegedly interrogated Kraft, probably suspecting that he was involved somehow in the bombing. It seems they determined that Kraft was simply very psychic and they decided to utilize his psi talents.

Kraft apparently published a book interpretation of Nostradmus's prophecies. He gave the quatrains a decidedly pro-Nazi interpretation. Ultimately, evidently Kraft displeased the Nazis and was sent to a prison and then a concentration camp and died on the way to his execution in 1945.

Eric Jan Hanussen (real name Hirschel Steinschneider) was an important member of the Nazi psychics squad, though he was Jewish. He allegedly predicted the 1933 Reichstag fire that enabled Hitler to come into power.

Hanussen became privy to the private business of the Nazi leaders and apparently became immensely wealthy. He reportedly had his own SS guards and often wore the Nazi uniform. Ultimately, Hanussen allegedly used the Nazi secrets he held for blackmail of powerful Nazis and was executed.

Ian Fleming and the Dowsers

British author Ian Fleming (who wrote the famous James Bond books) was in British Naval Intelligence during World War II. The Nazis had a Pendulum Institute where they used dowsers to try to locate Allied ships.

Fleming deliberately leaked "information" that convinced the Nazis that the British were using dowsers to locate and destroy German U-boats. Fleming was apparently quite pleased that the Nazis appeared to believe the tales he had told and then had become intent on trying various occult methods to find and destroy Allied ships--wasting time on dowsers and other occult forces.

Where Does Psychic Ability Emanate From?

Some claim that practicing transcendental meditation and yoga helps them to become more psychically skilled. There are people who believe that fasting is necessary to sharpen psi perception. Perhaps psi increases during restful states of mind. Others claim that they have become more psychic during exceptionally stressful periods in their lives. Some people claim to have psychic experiences that they did not have until they had a near-death experience or some other trauma.

Third Eye

According to Tantric philosophy, there are specific places in the body from which psychic energy flows. These places are called chakras.

It is believed by some that an outwardly invisible "third eye" exists right in the middle of the forehead that is the conduit for telepathy and other forms of psi. Some also believe that the locus of psychic energies is in the solar plexus.

Quantum Mechanics and ESP?

Some researchers have theorized that the ability to foresee what is going to happen in the future may be related to quantum mechanics. Photons can be in two places at one time--and perhaps that is similar to the effects of ESP. Dr. Andrew Steane of Oxford University said that a change in one photon immediately effects the other photon.

Dr. Stuart Hammeroff of the University of Arizona, an anesthesiologist, has suggested that microtubules in the brain may be responsible for our ESP. Microtubules are active and continuously flicker when a patient is conscious, but when they are under anesthesia, the tubules stop flickering. The flickering resembles the behavior of photons. Dr. Hammeroff suggests that the brain gets entangled with quantum events in other places when we are in altered states of mind.

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