Extrasensory Perception

The term extrasensory perception was coined by Dr. Joseph Banks Rhine of Duke University in North Carolina. Dr. Rhine determined that there were four types of ESP:
  • Telepathy
  • Clairvoyance (and clairaudience)
  • Precognition (and retrocognition)
  • Psychokinesis (PK)

CLAIRVOYANCE: from "claire": clear and "voir": to see (French)

Clairaudience is another form of claivoyant ESP. Retrocognition means envisioning events that have already occurred to or involving someone else, at a time and place when the seer was not present with that individual.

Empathetic Pain

F. said she was standing in the kitchen one afternoon, reaching to open a cupboard when suddenly she felt an intense burning sensation in both hands. The pain was so powerful that she could not open the cupboard. She said she had a very strong feeling that something had happened to her friend S. She said she did not know why, but she definitely associated the burning pain in her hands with her friend S.

The pain lasted, she said, about three or four minutes. After the pain subsided, she was so certain that something had happened to her friend that she picked up the telephone to call her friend's home. Just as she began dialing, she heard a pounding on her front door. When she opened it, there stood her friend, S.    S. held up her hands--they were both covered with blisters. "I was just going to call you," F. said, "what happened to your hands?" S. explained how she had gotten burned. F. told S. "I had the most terrible burning sensation in both hands for a few minutes, and I knew, just knew, something had happened to you". "I had to pound on your door with my foot", S. said, "and it wasn't easy to get here, I had to ask someone to drop me off here".

F. did not feel the pain when S.'s injuries initially occurred.

Some psychics claim that the use of crystals strengthens psi abilities and/or that crystals can be used in metaphysical healing.

Where Does Psychic Ability Emanate From?

Some claim that practicing transcendental meditation and yoga helps them to become more psychically skilled. Some people claim that visualization techniques help them to achieve their goals and to have greater and more accurate intuitions so that they can make correct decisions when confronted with a problem.

meditatelotus meditatinggirl

There are people who believe that fasting is necessary to sharpen psi perception. Of course, some religions require fasting as a form of personal sacrifice for religious purposes. Perhaps psi increases during restful states of mind. Others claim that they have become more psychic during exceptionally stressful periods in their lives. Some people claim to have psychic experiences that they did not have until they had a near-death experience or some other trauma.

It is said that negative thoughts attract the negative and positive thoughts attract the positive. People also tend to conjugate among those of like thought pattern types (negative people prefer to live among those like themselves, positive thought type people among those who think like themselves).

According to Tantric philosophy, there are specific places in the body from which psychic energy flows. These places are called chakras (meaning wheel or circle, Sanskrit). Kundalini is the electrical energy force that lies coiled at the base of the spine.


Crown Chakra Violet   Pineal Gland
Brow Chakra Indigo   Pituitary Gland (Third Eye)
Throat Chakra Blue   Thyroid Gland   (Hypo/Hyperthyroidism)
Heart Chakra Green   Thymus Gland (Immune System)
Solar Plexus Yellow   Pancreas (Diabetes)
Sacral Chakra Orange   Adrenal Glands
Base Chakra Red   Ovaries/Testes (Fertility)

It is believed by some that an outwardly invisible "third eye" exists right in the middle of the forehead that is the conduit for telepathy and other forms of psi. Some also believe that the locus of psychic energies is in the solar plexus.

Edgar Cayce said that the seat of the soul is located in the "Lyden" gland. Some have wondered if he was referring to the Leydig cells of the reproductive system.

According to tradition, the energies pulse through each wheel or vortex, and are constantly moving. In ill persons, the pulsations of energies are said to be slowed down.

Wolfgang Messing

Wolf Messing was born in 1899 in Poland and died in 1972. When he was very young he was already performing as a psychic in public.

Messing predicted that Hitler would meet his end if he "turned toward the east" and invaded Russia. Adolph Hitler allegedly then put a price on Wolfgang Messing's head and Messing escaped into Russia.

Messing encountered Soviet leader Josef Stalin. Stalin is alleged to have decided to test Messing's psi abilities. He ordered Messing to go into a bank with an empty attache case and give the clerk a blank note asking for 100,000 rubles. Messing apparently stated that though he was very frightened, he focused on using his own mind to "control" the bank clerk's will and the bank clerk gave Messing the 100,000 rubles. Proving to Stalin's satisfaction that he had been able to psychically influence the bank teller and get the money, Messing returned the rubles to the clerk. The clerk allegedly was so distraught when he realized he'd given Messing the money (and had been handed a blank note) that he had a heart attack.

Messing was also purported to have some healing ability.

Qi, Ki, Prana, Mana, Ka, The Force, Electromagnetic Energy

The force of life, the energy that animates man and every being/object in the universe is called by the above names. To the Hindus, "prana" is this life force. The chakras are sort of spinning wheels of this life energy. Yogas may practice breathing exercises to increase prana.

The Chinese call this life force "Qi" ("chee") and accupuncturists believe that meridians or streams of energy run throughout the body. If one of these meridians becomes blocked, the flow of natural energy is stopped. Manipulation of specific areas along the meridians can increase the flow of Qi. Younger, healthy people are believed to have more Qi.

Ki is the Japanese word for this life energy.

To the Hawaiians, this force of vitality was called mana.

Some believe that this animating energy is electromagnetic energy.

In ancient Egypt, the soul or life force was called the "Ba" and was associated with the "Ka".

Quantum Mechanics and ESP?

Some researchers have theorized that the ability to foresee what is going to happen in the future may be related to quantum mechanics. Photons can be in two places at one time--and perhaps that is similar to the effects of ESP. Dr. Andrew Steane of Oxford University said that a change in one photon immediately effects the other photon.

Dr. Stuart Hammeroff of the University of Arizona, an anesthesiologist, has suggested that microtubules in the brain may be responsible for our ESP. Microtubules are active and continuously flicker when a patient is conscious, but when they are under anesthesia, the tubules stop flickering. The flickering resembles the behavior of photons. Dr. Hammeroff suggests that the brain gets entangled with quantum events in other places when we are in altered states of mind.

Those who flow as life flows know
They need no other course,
They feel no wear, they feel no tear,
They need no mending, no repair.

(From the Tao & attributed to Lao-Tsu)

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