Divination Methods

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Types of Divination

There are many, many methods of divination. This is a list of a few of the forms of divination:

Some of the Types of Divination
Cartomancy (Tarot, etc.) I-Ching Reading entrails Osteomancy (throwing chicken bones)
Ouija board Crystal Gazing (scrying) Runes (Celtic, Teutonic) Automatic Writing
Numerology Phrenology (bumps on the skull) Sortilege (drawing lots) Dowsing
Tasseomancy (tea leaves) Augury (interpreting the flight of birds) Bibliomancy Kaballah/Qaballah (Hebrew mysticism)
Necromancy (communicating with the dead) Lithomancy (stones) Astrology/Astromancy (divination by the stars)


Chiromancy (palmistry)
Hydromancy (water) Oneiromancy (interpreting dreams) Pyromancy (fire) Scrying (with mirror, water, blood)

Crystal Gazing and Scrying

Some seers utilize the crystal ball or the scrying mirror to enable themselves to see visions.

The Ouija

Some people have consulted the ouija in an effort to speak with the dead. Others have considered it a board game. The word "ouija" comes from the French and Germanic words for yes.

Some religions prohibit attempts at necromancy. Some people believe that use of the ouija is spiritually harmful. Some believe that ouija users are contacting demons; other have speculated that those who use the ouija board are getting information from their own subconscious minds.

The Ouija Speaks

When G. was a teenager, she said that she and a group of friends from school decided to try the ouija board. One of their schoolmates had been missing from school for awhile and no one seemed to know why.

The girls tried to consult the ouija board. According to G., the planchette spelled out that their classmate had been murdered by her boyfriend.

G. said the girls went to the missing classmates's home and talked with her mother. G. said the girl's mother confirmed what the ouija board had spelled out. Her daughter had been murdered and her boyfriend was the alleged prime suspect. G. said neither she nor the other girls were aware that he had been arrested, or had even heard any rumors that something horrible had happened to their classmate.

G. said that this experience was so frightening to her that she vowed never to try the ouija board again.

Did the girls subconsciously know that their classmate's boyfriend could be dangerous to the girl? G. insisted that there had been no information in the news regarding the classmate's disappearance. She said that the classmate was not a friend of hers and that she had never met the classmate's boyfriend, nor had the girl ever mentioned anything that would indicate that she feared for her safety around her boyfriend. G. insisted that the information came from the ouija board, not from the sitters subconscious minds.

Edgar Cayce, the "Sleeping Prophet", allegedly advised people not to use the ouija board.


Dowsers use a wooden stick that is forked, or an L-shaped rod, called a "divining rod" to try to locate underground resources of water. Dowswers apparently claim that they can find water that way. Some people claim that they have the ability to dowse for gold and other elements.

The Tarot

The Tarot is ancient. It consists of 78 cards divided into the major and minor arcana. Some fortune tellers use the Tarot to see into the past, present and future of sitters.

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The Oracle of Delphi

The site of the Oracle of Delphi on the slope of Mt. Parnassus was chosen because Delphi was considered to be the naval (center) of the earth.


Delphic priestesses were, in later times, chosen only from among women over fifty years of age. The priestesses were called the Pythia of Apollo.

People came from all over to consult the oracle. The oracle allegedly gave cryptic answers that had to be carefully interpreted. The answers were supposed to be the words of the Greek god Apollo.

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