Marian Apparitions

The 1917 Miracle of Fatima

According to accounts of the Miracle of Fatima in Portugal that occurred in 1917, the Virgin Mary forewarned the three children, Lucia dos Santos (age 10) and her cousins Jacinta (age 7) and Francisco Marto (age 9) that there would be a World War II.

The lady asked the children to return to the sameplace at the same hour every day for six consecutive months. The children were promised that an event would occur in the sky that would convince people of the reality of their experiences. (Madonna and children at Fatima)

It has been claimed that the sun, or an object that was as bright as the sun, rose, sank and whirled across the sky in Fatima and thousands of citizens witnessed the event.

At the final sighting on October 12, 1917, a crowd of more than 50,000 people gathered in the rain to wait for the apparition the children said the lady promised to show. The rain stopped and the "miracle of the sun"occurred. The sun appeared suddenly through the clouds and seemed to rotate throwing off multi-colored light. It appeared to plunge to the earth, giving off heat. Many of the people present feared that the end of the world had arrived. The sun returned to normal in the sky and lasted about 10 minutes.

Photographers on the scene documented the rapid change from rain to dryness, but could not photograph the phenomena of the sun. Some skeptics have theorized that what appeared in Fatima was a ufo.

The Madonna Light at Zeitun, Egypt (or Zeitun, Zaytun)

Coptic Church Zeitun, Egypt
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On April 2, 1968, over 70 apparitions of Mary and other unusual phenomena were reported in the vicinity of St. Mary's Coptic Church in Zeitun, Egypt, a suburb of Cairo.

Three Muslim men were the first to report seeing the light that appeared to be in the shape of the Madonna. They claimed the light was so bright they couldn't the see facial features of the figure. The figure seemed to acknowledge them by bowing. After a few minutes, the figure quickly ascended into the midnight sky and disappeared.

Hundreds of thousands of people allegedly saw the apparition.

The apparitions included full and partial figures in at least 10 different shapes, which appeared to sometimes bow and wave to the crowds. Luminous objects of silver and other vivid colors appeared, some of which seemed to be in the shape of a cross. The longest apparition lasted for more than seven hours.

The first sighting was followed by hundreds of miraculous cures, apparently. (Photograph of Zeitun (Zaytun) apparition)

Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovina


Mary first appeared on a hill to six adolescent villagers on June 24, 1981. Four girls and two boys, aged 10 to 17. For the next 18 months, daily apparitions appeared to the children. The longest apparition seems to have lasted around 45 minutes.

Most apparitions seem to have occurred the rectory behind the St. James Roman Catholic Church. Miraculous healings have been reported. Miracles seemed to occur daily.

In August 1981, the Croatian word for peace "mir" was seen written in the sky at night above the cross on the hill where the vision of Mary first appeared--now called "The Hill Of Apparitions" . On October 28, 1981 a bush seemed to spontaneously catch on fire on the hill, but when people rushed to extinguish it, it seemed to burn itself out.

According to the children (the visionaries, as they are called) who first saw the vision of Mary, the purpose of the supernatural events is to give credence to the visions. The children were also told that the purpose of the apparitions was to bring the message from Christ that atheists must convert, and the visionaries were told that peace is most important for it makes everything else possible. The children were told that prayer must be directed to Jesus, and Mary will intercede with him.

The children were also told that each of them would be given 10 secrets, after which Mary would cease to appear to them, except on special occasions. After all the secrets are given, three warnings will be given to the world.(Medjugorje Madonna)

People also allegedly saw an apparition of the Virgin Mary at Knock, Ireland in 1879. Here is a link to a site telling about the Knock Apparition.

This site has information about various Marian apparitions.

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