R. was in a small hospital, very ill and not expected to survive. One evening, as she lay in her hospital bed, filled with fear about dying and leaving her young children, a lady entered her room. The lady came to her bedside and took her hand. The lady prayed over her and then said: "Don't be afraid, the Lord has sent me to tell you that you will live." R. later said, "She smiled at me and I felt calm."

R. did survive, apparently much to her doctor's surprise. After she was discharged from the hospital and had returned home, she called the hospital and asked to speak to the nurse who had prayed with her that night. The nurse who answered her call said: "I'm sorry, but I don't know who you could be talking about. There is no one on our staff like that." R. responded: "Yes, there is. She prayed over me and I want to thank her!" The nurse insisted there was no one like the lady working in that hospital.

R. became frustrated and finally went to the hospital to try to find out who the wonderful nurse was who prayed with her. No one recognized the lady; everyone
R. talked with said they could not think of any nurse like that one. One of the nursing staff finally said: "There could not be any nurse like that because there are no black nurses on staff

The word angel derives from the Greek word "angelos" and means "divine messenger". The Hebrew word for angel is "mal'ak" which also means "messenger". In Islamic tradition, the angel Jibril (the angel Gabriel in Judeo-Christian doctrines) gave the Koran to the prophet Muhammed.

Do you have a guardian angel?

Some people believe that they have a guardian angel who intercedes for them, helps them, and guides them. When you were a child, did you see and communicate with your guardian angel? Many very young children seem to talk to an unseen being and
sometimes it seems that they are listening to and answering someone who is truly communicating with them.

Some religions teach that if a soul achieves sufficient enlightenment while on the earth, one becomes "as the angels" after death. In the Bible it is mentioned that one can entertain an angel unaware, without recognizing that the being you have encountered, who appears to be in human form, is an angel.

Some people believe that man, though "lesser than the angels", has the potential to do
wondrous good like the angels do. According to the Hebrews, the Angels were God's first creation. There are nine orders in the hierarchy of angels. The highest order are the Seraphim.
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Some religious doctrines teach that there are seven archangels. The Bible mentions three archangels: Michael ('who is like God'), Gabriel ('God is my strength') and Raphael ('God has healed'). Some doctrines also mention the archangel Uriel.

According to the New Testament, Gabriel was the archangel who told the Virgin Mary that she would give birth to the son of God. It appears that sometimes angels are sent to earth in human form as healers. In the Catholic version of the Bible, the Book of Tobit is included. The archangel Raphael was sent to cure Tobit of his blindness. Raphael is regarded as the angel of healing and the angel who is supervises the work of all of the guardian angels.